A Clarity Face oil customer review

We were delighted to receive this review that we had to share with you….Lisa is a regular customer of Clarity and trusted our knowledge also in outer beauty & natural skin care. She trialled our organic skin oils here in Nottingham with a positive response and outcome..;-)

“This may sound sickly,  but my life changed last July when I was recommended to the Clarity Juice Plan. This not only changed my eating habits but the way I felt.  I felt full of of energy and revitalised.   I avoided foods that didn’t agree with me day to day but every now and then indulged,  living my life this way really worked. Not only did I feel good but lost weight too.
Jolene then introduced facial oils and facial cleanse. Both made with organic oils and aromatherapy oils tailered to my skin.    I was sceptical at first thinking the oils would sit on my face with a greasy look. How wrong was I? The oils went on smoothly and soaked into my normal/oily skin like a sponge! The oils improved my skin almost straight away,  calming any blemishes and spots  and improving the texture of skin.  After 46 years I had a healthy glow.
I am now waiting for a body oil, that would complete the new me!
Thanks Jolene”

For more information on Clarity organic facial oils see here