My Journey – Clean eating for the skin!

Like you I believe that to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must also be mindful of your skincare.

As long as I can remember I have been plagued with acne, all over my face, back and arms, I couldn’t leave the house without the whole of the make up counter on my skin !

I quickly realised I had to change my lifestyle as it was having a massive impact on my health.


5 years ago I was unknowingly eating too much gluten, dairy and hidden additives which gave me chronic IBS, sinus problems, acne and fatigue. I was prescribed long term antibiotics, which I had a hunch weren’t doing my immune system any good and verging on feeling that this was how life was now…at 29!! It wasn’t until having a few acupuncture sessions on my sinus’s that I was introduced to a more holistic way of life through being mindful of not just your diet but your skin care too.

I immediately removed all harsh products from my cabinet and invested 100% natural credible brands that really cared about what inside their bottles. The results were immediate as you can see …..

Ingredients: Explained….

I began to look at the ingredients in moisturisers and face washes…..common theme, parabens, alcohol, PEGS, glycol, mineral oil, Laureth sulfate or SLS….

The problem with sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS that are found in face washes and shampoos etc  is that it strips the skin (and scalp, in the case of shampoo) of natural oils that our skin actually needs for protection. Studies show that even small amounts in products can cause allergic reactions. And, because it removes the skin’s natural, protective oil, our skin ends up producing more oil (the very thing you’re trying to get rid of) to compensate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. OMG !!!

So when I looked into the amount of harsh and downright harmful ingredients I immediately stopped the cleaning of the face with garage floor cleaner and put my faith into nature with my skin products….Another problem,,,..the expense !! Not only are there natural products out there that are over priced there also claiming to be naturel when they’re shamefully not.. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience..?!

The beginning of Clarity Cleanse…

We began at Clarity to research what ingredients our skin actually needed to be nourished and heal. After being our own “guinea pigs” and seeing after just 7 days how clear my own skin was using essential oils and banning commercial creams and washes,  it wasn’t long before our regular juicing clients were asking me where I bought my facial creams from … answer, “I don’t, I make them” and after a good 12 months of these conversations and toxicology reports to test our ingredients to make sure ready for you guys, the Clarity Cleanse face oils were born!


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